Arnim Von Stechow

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The first version of this article (Müller (1997b)) was written during my stay at Potsdam University in the winter of 1996/1997, and I am grateful to the Innovationskolleg " Formale Modelle kognitiver Komplexität " for its generous support. Abstract: Order preservation effects are documented with a number of movement operations in various languages, among(More)
This paper shows that a version of the 2008) if the following assumptions are made: (i) All syntactic operations are driven by features of lexical items. (ii) These features are ordered on lexical items. (iii) All phrases are phases. (iv) Edge features that trigger intermediate movement steps can only be added before the phase head becomes inert. Given(More)
It has proven difficult to provide a unified semantics for the French subjunctive (the difficulty applies more generally to Romance, but we concentrate on French). In this preliminary note, we suggest that this is because the French subjunctive is a semantic default, to be used just in case the indicative would have triggered a presupposition failure (a(More)
1. Defining the Problem Negative Polarity Items (NPIs) are known to be licensed in wh-questions. However, we point out that there are interpretational and grammaticality differences in wh-questions with NPIs in different syntactic environments. In some cases, a wh-question is ambiguous between a true information-seeking wh-question reading and a rhetorical(More)
This paper explores several interrelated pragmatic issues connected to the (verbal and adjectival) passive and the periphrastic perfect tense. The language of investigation is Ger-man. In sections 1 and 2, I start with tense selection, as both verbal passives and Extended Now adverbs impose restrictions on the tenses they can co-occur with. While the(More)
The Minimalist Program, by Noam Chomsky, is a collection of four articles, ' The Theory of Principles and Parameters ' (written with Howard Lasnik, –), ' Some notes on Economy of Derivation and representation' (–), ' A Minimalist Program for linguistic theory ' (–), and ' Categories and transformations ' (–). The first three articles(More)
A linear experiment dedicated to the study of driven magnetic reconnection is presented. The new device (VINETA II) is suitable for investigating both collisional and near collisionless reconnection. Reconnection is achieved by externally driving magnetic field lines towards an X-point, inducing a current in the background plasma which consequently modifies(More)
Partial wh-movement constructions in German and Hungarian exhibit a number of properties that are unexpected under standard approaches to movement. In contrast, I will show that these properties follow directly under an optimality-theoretic approach to wh-dependencies. This approach is primarily devised so as to account for languages like English, Korean,(More)