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The two basic proteins lysozyme and lactoferrin have been isolated from solubilized mucoid sputum from patients with chronic bronchitis in one step by cation exchange chromatography. In sputa from 13 patients with chronic bronchitis their mean concentrations were 0.4 g/l and 0.7 g/l, respectively, representing 6.6% and 11.5% of the total amount of(More)
Albumin, transferrin, alpha1-acid glycoprotein, IgA, IgG, IgM, lysozyme and C3-complement factor have been immunologically determined in sputum and serum samples from 16 patients with chronic bronchitis. The sputa were effectively solubilized prior to the analysis. This is necessary for correct determination of the compositions of sputum. IgA (approx. 3(More)
Samples of sputum from nine patients with chronic obstructive lung disease were collected every morning for 5 consecutive days, and their mean apparent viscosities were determined. After a standard solubilization procedure, the concentration of immunoglobulin A (IgA) in each sample was determined by quantitative immunodiffusion and also by an(More)
Nasal airways resistance was measured in ten patients with allergic rhinitis during intranasal application of an extract of grass pollen. Pretreatment with placebo did not inhibit the increase in nasal airways resistance, whereas ICI 74,917 administered from a pressurized aerosol gave almost complete protection. ICI 74,917 was well tolerated and no evidence(More)
  • A O Jenssen
  • Scandinavian journal of respiratory diseases
  • 1976
A viscometer for measurement of sputum viscosity is described. The apparatus makes possible continuous measurement of sputum samples from 5 to 50 ml in volume. It has been calibrated against capillary and rotation viscometers with excellent correlation. The recordings obtained from sputum impressively display the heterogeneity of this material. They render(More)
Addition of lysozyme (1 g/l) to sputum from patients with chronic obstructive lung disease increased the viscosity of the material significantly. The effect was prevented by addition of salt (LiCl) in the high concentration (0.25 mol/l). The sole addition of salt decreased the viscosity of native sputum. These results together with our earlier [5] studies(More)