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Algebraic Reynolds stress modeling of turbulence subject to rapid homogeneous and non-homogeneous compression or expansion. Access to the published version may require subscription. Articles you may be interested in Hydrodynamic instability and shear layer effects in turbulent premixed combustion Numerical investigation on the primary breakup of an(More)
Direct numerical simulations of plane turbulent nonisothermal wall jets are performed and compared to the isothermal case. This study concerns a cold jet in a warm coflow with an ambient to jet density ratio of ␳ a / ␳ j = 0.4, and a warm jet in a cold coflow with a density ratio of ␳ a / ␳ j = 1.7. The coflow and wall temperature are equal and a(More)
Large-scale instabilities occurring in the presence of small-scale turbulent fluctuations are frequently observed in geophysical or astrophysical contexts but are difficult to reproduce in the laboratory. Using extensive numerical simulations, we report here on intense recurrent bursts of turbulence in plane Poiseuille flow rotating about a spanwise axis. A(More)
The dynamical behavior of almost neutrally buoyant finite-size rigid fibers or rods in turbulent channel flow is studied by direct numerical simulations. The time evolution of the fiber orientation and translational and rotational motions in a statistically steady channel flow is obtained for three different fiber lengths. The turbulent flow is modeled by(More)
An explicit algebraic model (EARSM) for variable denstiy turbulent flow developed by Grigoriev et al. [Phys. Fluids (2015)] is revisited here. We apply it to a quasi one-dimensional nozzle flow, a wall-jet flow with combustion and large density variation and a supercritical flow of carbon dioxide with heat transfer and buoyancy. It is confirmed that the(More)