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Algebraic Reynolds stress modeling of turbulence subject to rapid homogeneous and non-homogeneous compression or expansion. Access to the published version may require subscription. Articles you may be interested in Hydrodynamic instability and shear layer effects in turbulent premixed combustion Numerical investigation on the primary breakup of an(More)
Direct numerical simulations of plane turbulent nonisothermal wall jets are performed and compared to the isothermal case. This study concerns a cold jet in a warm coflow with an ambient to jet density ratio of ␳ a / ␳ j = 0.4, and a warm jet in a cold coflow with a density ratio of ␳ a / ␳ j = 1.7. The coflow and wall temperature are equal and a(More)
An explicit algebraic model (EARSM) for variable denstiy turbulent flow developed by Grigoriev et al. [Phys. Fluids (2015)] is revisited here. We apply it to a quasi one-dimensional nozzle flow, a wall-jet flow with combustion and large density variation and a supercritical flow of carbon dioxide with heat transfer and buoyancy. It is confirmed that the(More)
Articles you may be interested in Multifractal subgrid-scale modeling within a variational multiscale method for large-eddy simulation of passive-scalar mixing in turbulent flow at low and high Schmidt numbers The physics of energy transfer toward improved subgrid-scale models A hybrid subgrid-scale model constrained by Reynolds stress A dynamic(More)
The main purpose of this study was to assess the actual occurrence of Gram-negative oxidase-positive bacteria (GNOP) in human wounds caused by animals, mostly cat and dog bites and scratches, and with signs of infection. We report a prospective series of 92 wound samples. Routine culturing was combined with a procedure optimised for fastidious GNOP. All(More)
The evolution of small-scale structures in homogeneous isotropic turbulence. A description of eddying motions and ow patterns using critical-point concepts. 8 visually browse through the list of objects via the diagnostics box (gure 10). Dierent variables can be examined simultaneously. In this way a eld can be visualized (e.g. vorticity magnitude)(More)
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