Arne Uhlendorff

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In this paper we suggest a Stata routine for multinomial logit models with unobserved heterogeneity using maximum simulated likelihood based on Halton sequences. The purpose of this paper is twofold: First, we provide a description of the technical implementation of the estimation routine and discuss its properties. Further, we compare our estimation(More)
Social Networks, Job Search Methods and Reservation Wages: Evidence for Germany In this paper we analyze the relationship between social networks and the job search behavior of unemployed individuals. It is believed that networks convey useful information in the job search process such that individuals with larger networks should experience a higher(More)
This paper shows that long-term sick individuals are not very responsive to monetary labor supply incentives. I, theoretically and empirically, evaluate the labor supply effects of cuts in statutory sick pay levels on long-term absenteeism in Germany. Cutting sick pay did not significantly reduce the average incidence and duration of sick leave periods(More)
Vouchers and Caseworkers in Public Training Programs: Evidence from the Hartz Reform in Germany This paper studies the role of training vouchers and caseworkers in public training programs. Using a rich administrative data set, we apply matching and regression methods to measure the effect of the Hartz reform in Germany, which introduced training vouchers(More)
The Transition from Welfare to Work and the Role of Potential Labor Income It is often argued that the high level of welfare claims in Germany causes little incentive for workers with low productivity to seek for a job. We examine the influence of the ratio between estimated potential labor income and the welfare payment level on the probability of leaving(More)
In this paper we develop a dynamic structural life-cycle model of labor supply behavior which explicitly accounts for the effects of income taxation and the transfer system. In additional to including a detailed depiction of the tax and transfer system, the model recognizes the demand-side driven rationing risk that might prevent agents from realizing the(More)
In this paper, we evaluate an experimental counseling program dedicated to young unemployed workers living in deprived areas. The experiment was conducted in France from February 2013 to March 2014 and enrolled about 3600 young unemployed workers. Individuals were randomly assigned to either a 3-month collective counseling program (“Search Club”) or to a(More)