Arne Skauge

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NMR measurements on core samples saturated with brine returns valuable information on the porous structure of the rock core. Monitoring a single fluid component in a relaxation experiment reflects the pore size distribution and thus the degree of sorting of the porous rock. The basic assumptions are that the mobility of the component confined in the porous(More)
Heavy carbon steel corrosion developed during nitrate mitigation of a flow rig connected to a water injection pipeline flowing anaerobe saline aquifer water. Genera-specific QPCR primers quantified 74% of the microbial biofilm community, and further 87% of the community of the nonamended parallel rig. The nonamended biofilm hosted 6.3 × 10(6) SRB(More)
Initial fluid distribution for heterogeneous reservoirs i.e. layered reservoirs with different permeability and porosity is often modeled by simplified capillary J-function for input to reservoir simulation. Leverett introduced the model in 1941 and showed that dimensionless capillary J (Sw)-function varies only with fluid saturation. However, theories of(More)
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