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PURPOSE In a double-blind crossover study with lamotrigine (LTG), we investigated a possible relationship between the clinical responses and changes of the amount of epileptiform activity in EEG. METHODS Twelve patients, aged 4-21 years, with generalized drug-resistant epilepsy who had responded to LTG, completed the study. Twenty-four-hour video-EEGs(More)
The progressive myoclonus epilepsies (PME) are a heterogeneous group of rare genetic disorders. Unverricht-Lundborg disease and Lafora's disease are two major classic forms of PME. We recently assigned the gene for Unverricht-Lundborg disease (EPM1) to human chromosome 21 band q22.3. We have now refined the localization of EPM1 by linkage analysis between(More)
The endogenous contracting transmitter at the neuromuscular junction in strips from human urinary bladder has been investigated using field stimulation and selective antagonists. Atropine in low concentrations was found to inhibit bladder contractions whereas higher concentrations of the drug sometimes had the opposite effects. Indomethacin inhibited,(More)
Three infants with neonatal convulsions were given lidocaine infusions for three days, three weeks and three months, respectively, and the plasma concentrations of lidocaine and its metabolites were analyzed by HPLC. After a prolonged infusion there was considerable accumulation of the metabolites. This may account for the difficulty of stopping the(More)
The effects of endotoxin from E. coli 06 on alpha-adrenergic receptor functions have been investigated in muscle strips from the outlet region of the feline bladder. The endotoxin from this strain, known to cause urinary tract infections, inhibited the alpha-adrenergic contractions induced by phenylephrine and noradrenaline. This inhibition was(More)
In this study, bladder muscle strips from the detrusor of man and cat were used to evaluate the modulating effects of adrenergic agonist and antagonists on the field stimulation induced contractile response. Noradrenaline (NA) inhibited and phentolamine enhanced the contraction in a dose-dependent manner. Propranolol did not influence the field stimulation(More)
The influence of oxytocin and meperidine on responses of the isolated umbilical artery to acetylcholine (ACh) and/or 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) was investigated. 32 preparations from 21 normal full-term deliveries were utilized. The Bunce double-blade hemostat provided an excellent means to collect cord specimens with the least postpartal changes. A method(More)
The corpus-fundus of the urinary bladder of man and cat was studied in vitro with respect to type of beta-adrenergic receptors. In both species beta-adrenergic stimulation produced marked relaxation but species differences were apparent. In the cat bladder only beta1-receptors were found. In the human bladder the beta-receptors had neither beta1- nor(More)