Arne Peters

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The Linked Open Data (LOD) cloud provides a vast amount of heterogeneous data, distributed over numerous data sources. This makes it difficult to find those data sources in the cloud which are relevant for a given information need. Existing search engines for the Semantic Web focus on instance-oriented information needs, i. e., searching for specific RDF(More)
Searching for Linked Open Data (LOD) has yet not reached the easi-ness and comfort we are accustomed with when using document search engines such as Google. To get closer to this " Google feeling " when searching for LOD, we have developed LODatio. Our system supports various kinds of queries on LOD such as searching for LOD sources containing specific(More)
The Linked Open Data (LOD) cloud has grown to an enormous source for semantic data. Its distributed and decentralized approach is one reason for its success but also poses challenges. A main difficulty is to identify those data sources on the LOD cloud which provide the information a user is actually interested in. With LODatio, we have developed a(More)
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