Arne Isaksen

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The paper examines how firms in three regional clusters in Norway dominated by shipbuilding, mechanical engineering and electronics industry, respectively exploit both place-specific local resources as well as external, world-class knowledge to strengthen their competitiveness. From these case-studies we make four points: (1) Ideal-typical regional(More)
The report does not express the Commission's official views; neither the Commission nor the consultants accept liability for the consequences of actions taken on the basis of the information contained herein. For more information on the current series of reports in the framework of The Observatory of European SMEs, see the website of the Enterprise DG at In(More)
Background: The paper examines the regional effects of a general innovation policy, i.e. a policy tool that does not target specific industries or subnational regions. General policy tools are an important part of the portfolio of innovation policy measures. However, there is a question over whether general tools are equally relevant for all types of firms,(More)
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