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A series of twelve intensively monitored 1-hr CO dispersion studies were conducted near Davis, CA, in winter 1996. The experimental equipment included twelve CO sampling ports at elevations up to 50 m, three sonic anemometers, a tethersonde station, aircraft measurements of wind and temperature profile aloft, and a variety of conventional meteorological(More)
Mining temporal multivariate data by clustering is an important research topic. In today's complex data, interesting patterns are often neither bound to the whole dimensional nor temporal extent of the data domain. This challenge is met by temporal subspace clustering methods. Their effectiveness, however, is impeded by aspects unavoidable in real world(More)
Mining multivariate time series data by clustering is an important research topic. Time series can be clustered by standard approaches like k-means, or by advanced methods such as subspace clustering and triclustering. A problem with these new methods is the lack of a general evaluation scheme that can be used by researchers to understand and compare the(More)
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