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Impedance cardiography was compared with thermodilution cardiography in the measurement of cardiac output serially during maintenance hemodialyses in ten chronic uremic patients. Measurements were carried out pre-dialysis and post-dialysis as well as hourly during dialysis. The results demonstrated statistical identity between impedance and thermodilution(More)
A case of toxic shock syndrome and a case of drug-induced toxic epidermal necrolysis with renal involvement are described. The two patients had similar early clinical manifestations and therefore posed a difficult differential diagnosis. Diagnostic distinction is important because therapy differs considerably. A skin biopsy in each case proved helpful in(More)
Previous studies from our laboratory suggested a decrease in tissue oxygen delivered during hemodialysis of chronic uremic patients due to an increase in hemoglobin-oxygen affinity, i.e. decrease in P50. This current study was designed to determine whether the changes in cardiac index and/or tissue oxygen extraction could compensate for increases in(More)
Five patients developed pruritic, keratotic, perforating follicular papules and nodules within 2 months of starting maintenance hemodialysis. Clinically and histologically, the papules and nodules showed the features of perforating folliculitis with superimposed prurigo nodularis, a condition not previously described in patients on maintenance dialysis. The(More)
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