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In this communication data on the natural history of euthyroid multinodular goitres are presented. From a total group of 140 patients (mean age 54.6 years, 14 men and 126 women; 88 with autonomous, 52 with non-autonomous function), follow-up data were available for 90 patients (mean age 54.0 years, 11 men and 79 women; 64 with autonomous, 26 with(More)
Binarization is often used for pixel-wise document text extraction as preprocessing step for scanned historical documents. These documents are scanned in color and high resolution today. The reduction of color to grayscale images and the subsequent binarization implies a loss of information and often results in unsatisfying processing results. In this(More)
Thyroid-stimulating immunoglobulins (TSIs) were measured by radioreceptor assay in serum from 51 patients with a multinodular goitre, divided into four groups according to thyroid function, and in 30 normal people. In 9 patients who were euthyroid and had non-autonomous thyroid function and in 6 patients who were hyperthyroid, TSI index was normal . Of 21(More)
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