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The recent AIDS and Disability Partners Forum at the UN General Assembly High Level Meetings on AIDS in New York in June 2011 and the International AIDS Conference in Washington, DC in July 2012 underscores the growing attention to the impact of HIV and AIDS on persons with disabilities. However, research on AIDS and disability, particularly a solid(More)
The effect of estradiol-17beta on the length of the various phases of the cell cycle was studied in the neonatal mouse uterine, and cervical epithelium. A double labelling method was used, and in addition labelled mitoses were counted. In the uterus proper, estradiol shortens the length of the total cell cycle. TC, from 17-9 hr to 15-7 hr, and the duration(More)
Purpose. HIV/AIDS has grown to become the biggest epidemic in modern history. Southern Africa is at the epicentre of the global epidemic, with just of a third of the world's HIV-positive population living here. It is known that HIV/AIDS affect vulnerable population groups. It is surprising then, that persons with disabilities, one of the world's most(More)
BACKGROUND Storing K(x)EDTA-conjugated blood samples at room temperature or under insufficient cooling conditions results in various morphological changes such as swelling of the blood cells. These changes are reproducible and have already been described well. However, they can lead to incorrect flagging when using automated hematology analyzers for(More)
BACKGROUND This study was to establish whether there was a difference in the characteristics of people who received a disability grant and those who did not in rural and urban samples of isiXhosa-speaking people with disability in South Africa. SAMPLE The sample was a convenience sample and was identified through a 'snowballing' process. INSTRUMENTATION(More)
A classroom survey was conducted in June 1994 among 3061 secondary school students in four provinces in Zimbabwe, with the main objective of measuring health behaviours, school performance and environmental and cultural factors as predictors for drug use. This paper presents an analysis of the relationship between cultural orientation and alcohol use. The(More)
BACKGROUND Whilst broadly agreed in the literature that disability and poverty are closely interlinked, the empirical basis for this knowledge is relatively weak. OBJECTIVES To describe and discuss the current state of knowledge and to suggest the need for further generation of knowledge on disability and poverty. METHOD Two recent attempts at(More)
OBJECTIVE To measure the prevalence and frequency of alcohol and tobacco use among secondary school teachers in Zimbabwe. DESIGN Cross sectional survey. SETTING 17 secondary schools in Harare, Mashonaland East and West and Matabeleland North Provinces (including Bulawayo). SUBJECT 442 secondary school teachers, of whom half were males. MAIN OUTCOME(More)
A two-dimensional stage-structured population model with nonlinear cannibalism terms is studied. We show that there is a large parameter interval where the nontrivial equilibrium of the model is the only stable attractor, but that there also exist parameter intervals where we find quasiperiodic, periodic and chaotic dynamics. Moreover, in the interplay(More)