Arne Grimsmo

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The objectives of this study were to investigate whether psychological job demands, personal control and social support affect the negative health measure of depression differently than the positive measure of work engagement and to investigate whether work engagement mediates the effects of job demands and resources on the level of depression. We discuss(More)
There is a lack of systematic data on primary care which can be used for purposes of planning and evaluation. Ordinary data from computer-based journals in general practice were collected in four municipalities. 25 general practitioners participated for four months in 1992. The validity and reliability of the data have been investigated. The computer-based(More)
Three groups participated in a slimming programme run by lay people. The course lasted eight weeks, and the average weight loss was about 7 kg both in a small well-controlled study of 33 women and in a much larger one comprising over 10,000 people. Both studies were prospective. The long-term effect was studied in a random sample of about 1000 people. After(More)
In Norway, primary health care is characterised by decentralisation of both care of patients and general public health services to municipal level. In all but the larger municipalities, both these services are carried out by the same primary health care doctors. In order to strengthen the quality of the doctor-patient relationship, and the associated(More)
The Norwegian Government has started to develop a new system for a better exchange of information between the central and the local authorities when planning health and social services. The plan is to base the system on nationwide collection and delivery of standardized indicators which will signal trends and enable comparisons. Several conclusions from an(More)
Factors related to drinking habits among 663 adolescents 14, 15, 17 and 18 years old were investigated in three municipalities by means of a questionnaire. In a multiple regression analysis, variation in alcohol consumption was examined using several independent variables describing access to alcohol, behavioural factors, environmental influences, attitudes(More)
Drinking habits among 663 adolescents 14, 15, 17 and 18 years of age in three local communities were investigated by means of a questionnaire. Half had tasted alcohol already at the age of 14 years. The total amount consumed per person per year averaged 3.5 litres pure alcohol. Geographical variations in consumption were more than six-fold. At the age of 17(More)
The Norwegian Government has decided to reform the care of the mentally retarded by closing the institutions and by placing the whole responsibility for all mentally retarded with the local authorities. The idea is to integrate the mentally retarded into the community in order to normalize their living conditions. A survey on the demand for housing, work,(More)