Arne C. Reimers

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The steady-state assumption, which states that the production and consumption of metabolites inside the cell are balanced, is one of the key aspects that makes an efficient analysis of genome-scale metabolic networks possible. It can be motivated from two different perspectives. In the time-scales perspective, we use the fact that metabolism is much faster(More)
The optimal solutions obtained by flux balance analysis (FBA) are typically not unique. Flux modules have recently been shown to be a very useful tool to simplify and decompose the space of FBA-optimal solutions. Since yield-maximization is sometimes not the primary objective encountered in vivo, we are also interested in understanding the space of(More)
In the last years the vertex enumeration problem of polyhedra has seen a revival in the study of metabolic networks, which increased the demand for efficient vertex enumeration algorithms for high-dimensional polyhedra given by inequalities. In this paper we apply the concept of branch-decomposition to the vertex enumeration problem of polyhedra P = {x : Sx(More)
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