Arne Bratkič

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In this study, seasonal changes of mercury (Hg) species in the highly variable estuary of Soča/Isonzo River (northern Adriatic Sea) were investigated. Samplings were performed on a seasonal basis (September 2009, May, August and October 2010) and Hg species (total Hg, methylmercury (MeHg), dissolved gaseous Hg (DGM)) in waters, sediments and pore waters(More)
A highly sensitive laboratory methodology for simultaneous determination of methylation and reduction of spiked inorganic mercury (Hg(2+)) in marine water labelled with high specific activity radiotracer ((197)Hg prepared from enriched (196)Hg stable isotope) was developed. A conventional extraction protocol for methylmercury (CH(3)Hg(+)) was modified in(More)
Mercury in the aquatic environment is present at very low levels and its determination can be a subject to losses and/or contamination during sampling, sample preparation and analysis. Speciation of chemical forms of mercury in natural waters is even more demanding. The monomethyl mercury form (MeHg) is persistent, it accumulates and biomagnifies in the(More)
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