Arne Berndt

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The growing global demand for food of animal origin will be the incentive for countries such as Australia and Brazil to increase their beef production and international exports. This increased supply of beef is expected to occur primarily through on-farm productivity increases. The strategies for reducing resultant greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions should be(More)
With sound level meters the measurement uncertainty is fixed and transparent, depending on the class of the instrument. The counterpart of the measurement, the noise simulation, has many more uncertainties. The uncertainties stem from the calculation standard used, the application of the model’s theoretical basis in a computer program and the construction(More)
The crossbreeding of two or more breeds from the Bos taurus and Bos indicus species is an alternative for obtaining high-quality meat from animals adapted to tropical climates. Quality and sensory attributes of beef, mainly its tenderness and flavour, are very important with regard to the consumer’s point of view. This study aimed to evaluate the(More)
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