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Zinc has been implicated as a contributing cause of the neuropathology of Alzheimer's disease (AD), but consensus on the zinc content of AD brains has not yet been established. In the present study, multi-element PIXE was used to measure zinc in cryostat sections of brain tissue from AD patients and from normal control subjects. Compared to their(More)
An algorithm for the alignment of stained serial sections without the support of artificial landmarks is described. Four-hundred-thirty serial sections of the rabbit hippocampal region were digitized, and computer-based alignment was performed without use of artificial markers, resulting in a consistent matrix. Following proper filtration, artificial(More)
Chronic central pain is a frequent complication after spinal cord injury. Anticonvulsant drugs, among them valproate, have been recommended for treatment. In this paper we conducted a double-blind, cross-over study comparing valproate and placebo for severe chronic central pain. During the study, serum concentration of valproate, pain and side effects were(More)
In mammalian kidneys, aquaporin-1 is responsible for water reabsorption along the proximal tubule and is also thought to be involved in the concentration of urine that occurs in the medulla. It has been suggested, however, that aquaporin-1 is not expressed in the last part of the descending thin limbs of short loop nephrons in rats and mice, and its(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop a methodology for translating the McGill Pain Questionnaire (MPQ) into a Danish version, and to make comparisons to studies of patients speaking other languages. DESIGN Finding suitable Danish adjectives using the same methodology as that in the original MPQ. Comparison of Danish descriptors to the words in the English version of MPQ.(More)
PURPOSE This study aims to clarify the existence of and to map the localization of different proposed stem cell niches in the corneal limbal region. MATERIALS AND METHODS One human eye was cut into 2200 consecutive sections. Every other section was stained with haematoxylin and eosin, digitized at low and high magnification, aligned, 3D reconstructed and(More)
The value of muscle biopsy in fibromyalgia is still questioned. In this study we obtained 50 quadriceps biopsies from 20 patients and compared them blindly to 10 biopsies from five normal controls. Using light microscopy, histochemical and immunoenzymatic methods we found no definite evidence of muscle disease. Nevertheless, we subjected biopsies from nine(More)
An in-vitro technique for autometallographic (AMG) demonstration of chelatable zinc in electroejaculated sperm cells and spermatozoa from the epididymis is presented and the localization of zinc ions in rat spermatozoa is described. Sperm cells from caput epididymis showed zinc staining in all parts of the tail and a sparse, dispersed staining in the(More)
Renal function is crucially dependent on renal microstructure which provides the basis for the regulatory mechanisms that control the transport of water and solutes between filtrate and plasma and the urinary concentration. This study provides new, detailed information on mouse renal architecture, including the spatial course of the tubules, lengths of(More)
Mice are prime targets of experimental gene modification and have become object of an increasing number of biologic studies in renal physiology, development, and molecular biology. Phenotypic changes in response to gene modification require detailed information on normal structure. However, detailed analyses of normal mouse kidney structure and organization(More)