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This contribution presents the basic architecture of the neutral data format AutomationML developed by the companies Daimler, ABB, Siemens, Rockwell, Kuka, Zuhlke, netAllied and the universities of Magdeburg and Karlsruhe. AutomationML serves for the data exchange between manufacturing engineering tools and therefore supports the interoperability between(More)
Distributed control systems (DCS) have gained huge interest in the automation business. Several approaches have been made which aim at the design and application of DCS to improve system flexibility and robustness. Important approaches are (among others) the holonic manufacturing systems (HMS) and the plant automation based on distributed systems (PABADIS)(More)
Within the engineering of manufacturing systems the paradigm mechatronical units is of important interest. To deal properly with mechatronical units within manufacturing system engineering they have to be defined, described and used in an appropriate way establishing a mechatronical engineering process.
Industrial automation is currently on the cusp to the application of distributed systems based on distributed intelligence enabling distributed decision making within control. As one main technology within this field IEC 61499 based function block systems would be applied. But the usage of function block systems may cause problems which have to be avoided(More)
The engineering of manufacturing systems has been changed within the last years. Based on the increasing application of intelligent software tools the programming and configuration of control devices can be made on higher abstraction layers than before. In parallel the usable amount of control devices, information processing units, and engineering tools has(More)