Arndt Hartwich

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Dynamic optimization allows for the determination of the upper bound of achievable performance in the operation of continuous chemical processes in transient operationwhich often results from load or grade changes. Performance assessment can rely on the computation of optimal trajectories for selected scenarios which properly reflect the operational(More)
This contribution will review some of the work on the development of adaptive shooting methods for the solution of optimal control problems carried out in our research group in recent years. The basic feature of the shooting method is an adaptive choice of the control vector parameterization in a shooting type of solution strategy. The following class of(More)
Chemical processes are modeled by large-scale, highly-nonlinear process models often governed by unstable dynamics. Dynamic optimization is required to exploit economical performance of these processes in their unstable regions. On the one hand, direct single shooting is able to solve large-scale dynamic optimization problems, but lacks the ability to cope(More)
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