Arnd Brandenburg

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We investigate the possibilities of searching for non-standard CP violation in pp → t ¯ tX at multiple TeV collision energies. A general kinematic analysis of the underlying partonic production processes gg → t ¯ t and q ¯ q → t ¯ t in terms of their density matrices is given. We evaluate the CP-violating parts of these matrices in two-Higgs doublet(More)
We discuss rescattering effects that can be measured in e + e − annihilation to three jets through a single gauge boson, by using triple product (" event handedness ") correlations of the Z (γ *) polarization with jet momenta. The gauge boson polarization may be produced either by polarized beams or through the natural polarization (left-right asymmetry) of(More)
We discuss the angular distribution of the lepton pair in the Drell-Yan process, hadron + hadron → γ * + X → l + + l − + X. This process gives information on the spin-density matrix ρ (q,¯ q) of the annihilating quark-antiquark pair in q + ¯ q → l + + l −. There is strong experimental evidence that even for unpo-larised initial hadrons ρ (q,¯ q) is(More)
I review progress on investigations concerning top quark physics and QCD at a future linear e + e − collider that has been achieved since the presentation of the TESLA technical design report [1] in spring 2001. I concentrate on studies that have been presented during the workshop series of the Extended Joint ECFA/DESY Study on Physics and Detectors for a(More)
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