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In this paper, we present the design, implementation, and evaluation of an end-to-end camera planning system called Darshak. Darshak automatically constructs cinematic narrative discourse of a given story in a 3-D virtual environment. It utilizes a hierarchical partial-order causal link (POCL) planning algorithm to generate narrative plans that contain(More)
Simulation-based training is increasingly being used within the military to practice and develop the skills of successful soldiers. For the skills associated with successful military leadership, our inability to model human behavior to the necessary degree of fidelity in constructive simulations requires that new interactive designs be developed. The ICT(More)
Video games are increasingly producing huge datasets available for analysis resulting from players engaging in interactive environments. These datasets enable investigation of individual player behavior at a massive scale, which can lead to reduced production costs and improved player retention. We present an approach for modeling player retention in Madden(More)
A big challenge for creating human-level game AI is building agents capable of operating in imperfect information environments. In real-time strategy games the technological progress of an opponent and locations of enemy units are partially observable. To overcome this limitation, we explore a particle-based approach for estimating the location of enemy(More)
Video games are complex simulation environments with many real-world properties that need to be addressed in order to build robust intelligence. In particular, realtime strategy games provide a multi-scale challenge which requires both deliberative and reactive reasoning processes. Experts approach this task by studying a corpus of games, building models(More)
As the complexity of narrative-based virtual environments grows, the need for effective communication of information to the users of these systems increase. Effective camera control for narrative-oriented virtual worlds involves decision making at three different levels: choosing cinematic geometric composition, choosing the best camera parameters for(More)
Real-time 3D game environments provide a compelling medium for cinematic storytelling. Professional filmmakers have started using them for pre-visualization. They provide a low-cost learning environment to students. Longboard is an intelligent storyboarding tool that provides content authors access to 3D graphical environments through an intuitive sketch(More)