Arnault Lapitre

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Modern industrial systems are often large and distributed. Consequently, building the test harness for them can be technically challenging. A compositional approach attempts to overcome this problem by partitioning the system into smaller parts easier to test separately. And in particular, compositionality helps to avoid as much as possible testing the(More)
This paper presents a symbolic execution framework devoted to system models, recursively defined by interconnecting component models. Our concern is to allow one to explicitly define interaction rules between components, while taking into account those rules at the symbolic execution phase. The paper introduces a small set of primitives dedicated to this(More)
Slicing communicating automata specifications is a model reduction technique that has been shown to be efficient in our previous works. This paper introduces CARVER, a tool for slicing communicating automata specifications, that underlies dependence-based slicing techniques. It is described how this tool can extract slices from specifications, and how it(More)
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