Arnaud Uhart

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This work has examined the elemental distribution and local morphology at the nanoscale of core@shell Ag/Au@SiO2 particles. The characterization of such complex metal/insulator materials becomes more efficient when using an initial cross-section method of preparation of the core@shell nanoparticles (ion milling cross polisher). The originality of this route(More)
The alginate extraction products from Brazilian brown seaweed Sargassum filipendula were studied for chromium biosorption. Batch experiments were conducted at pH 2 and 3 and 20°C to determine the sorption capacity of this biosorbents for chromium (VI) and (III). The biomass was characterized before and after metal binding by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy(More)
Chitosan gelatin particles could be the ideal candidate for intraocular drug delivery due to their desirable properties. Double crosslinking in double emulsion has been used as an original and reliable method for particles preparation and their morphology has been optimized considering the main synthesis parameters such as polymers ratio, crosslinker(More)
The current sustained demand for "smart" and connected devices has created a need for more miniaturized power sources, hence for microbatteries. Lithium-ion or "lithium-free" all-solid-state thin-film batteries are adapted solutions to this issue. The capability to carry out spatially resolved chemical analysis is fundamental for the understanding of the(More)
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