Arnaud Pothier

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This paper presents results on high lifetime RF microelectromechanical (RF-MEMS) dielectricless capacitive switches. Using air gap variation only, these RF MEMS capacitive switches achieve a capacitance ratio of 9, associated with small residual charging. The reliability of the switch has been studied, pull-in and pull-out voltages shifts have been(More)
This paper presents the development of tunable filters using ohmic contact microelectromechanical system switches. It is shown that this type of switch is very well suited for the fabrication of low-loss high tuning-range microwave filters. Two sets of tunable Ku-band microstrip filters and resonators have been fabricated, with measured tuning ranges of 20%(More)
UNLABELLED Although human cowpox virus infection is rare nowadays, an animal reservoir of this virus still exists. The general course of cowpox virus infections is usually benign but the diagnosis is difficult and often late. CASE REPORT An 11-year-old boy, owner of two cats, presented with an infected sacral wound lesion associated with fever and lymph(More)
This paper presents a novel two-pole reconfigurable bandpass filter on alumina substrate for applications in X- and S-bands. An analytical approach was followed for synthesis of multiple filtering characteristics. A microstrip network on alumina was then optimized to implement a set of switched filtering functions. Finally a reconfigurable filter was(More)
This paper presents a novel compact RF-MEMS switch with large contact force. The switch can generate forces above 1.3mN, with 45V applied, while keeping a reasonable footprint. The actuator is based on a single metal 280μm diameter disc, that concentrates electrostatic force on a 8×8μm contact area. Zero level packaging is included in(More)
We present a novel concept of microwave (MW) power-limiting devices based on reversible semiconductor-to-metal transition (SMT) of vanadium-dioxide thin films integrated on coplanar waveguides. We designed, simulated, and fabricated devices, which can be reversibly driven from a low-loss (<; 0.7 dB) transmission state into an attenuating state (> 20(More)
This paper presents the design and fabrication of fast DMTL RF MEMS phase shifters. Distributed MEMS Transmission Lines are being used with miniature RF MEMS switched capacitors (40times40 mum<sup>2</sup>), actuating at 25 V with a switching time around 1 mus. Both 90 and 180 degree phase shifters presented here operate at 20 GHz, are respectively less than(More)
A reliable low actuation voltage RF-MEMS switch is fabricated following a very simple design technique. Using well-known electrostatic RF-MEMS equations, it is experimentally demonstrated that both low actuation voltage and high reliability RF-MEMS switches can be easily achieved. As an example, a 6.8V switch is fabricated and tested. The measured on/off(More)