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In this chapter, we present and discuss a new generalized proportional conflict redistribution rule. The Dezert-Smarandache extension of the Demster-Shafer theory has relaunched the studies on the combination rules especially for the management of the conflict. Many combination rules have been proposed in the last few years. We study here different(More)
— We present and discuss a mixed conjunctive and disjunctive rule, a generalization of conflict repartition rules, and a combination of these two rules. In the belief functions theory one of the major problem is the conflict repartition enlightened by the famous Zadeh's example. To date, many combination rules have been proposed in order to solve a solution(More)
Each year, numerous segmentation and classification algorithms are invented or reused to solve problems where machine vision is needed. Generally, the efficiency of these algorithms is compared against the results given by one or many human experts. However, in many situations, the location of the real boundaries of the object as well as their classes are(More)
Every speech recognition system contains a speech/non-speech detection stage. Detected speech sequences are only passed through the speech recognition stage later on. In a very noisy environment, the noise detection stage is generally responsible for most of the recognition errors. Indeed, many detected noisy periods can be recognized as a vocabulary word.(More)
BACKGROUND The development of the secondary palate has been a main topic in craniofacial research, as its failure results in cleft palate, one of the most common birth defects in human. Nevertheless, palatal rugae (or rugae palatinae), which are transversal ridges developing on the secondary palate, received little attention. However, rugae could be useful(More)
Recognition performance decreases when recognition systems are used over the telephone network, especially wireless network and noisy environments. It appears that non-efficient speech/non-speech detection (SND) is an important source of this degradation. Therefore, speech detection robustness to noise is a challenging problem to be examined, in order to(More)
—In the belief function theory, the concept of conflict appearing while confronting several experts' opinions can serve for many purposes, and in particular it can be used as an indicator of the relative reliability of the experts. The traditional definition of conflict as the basic belief assigned to the empty set during the combination has several issues(More)
In speech recognition, a speech/non-speech detection must be robust to noise. In this work, a new method for speech/non-speech detection using a Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA) applied to Mel Frequency Cepstrum Coefficients (MFCC) is presented. The energy is the most discriminant parameter between noise and speech. But with this single parameter, the(More)