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Six dogs and 5 monkeys underwent extra-corporeal circulations with membrane oxygenators for variable time periods (from 4 to 57 hours). The development and evolution of the lesions, which were similar in the two animal species, were controlled by electron microscopic examination of lung samples. From the 2nd h, abnormalities of the capillary endothelium(More)
We report the case of a patient with a history of facio-thoracic burns, the treatment of which included prolonged intubation, whose trachea could not be intubated because of a subglottic obstacle. The ventilation was easily controlled with a laryngeal mask. At the end of surgery for postburn cheloids, laryngoscopy through the laryngeal mask showed a(More)
Six dogs and 5 monkeys were subject to extracorporeal circulations with membrane oxygenators for various time periods (from 4 to 57 hours). The pulmonary samples, examined with electron microscopy, enabled us to control the appearance of lesions (similar for the two animal species) and to follow their evolution. From the second hour, abnormalities of the(More)
OBJECTIVE To review story, mechanism of action, clinical and therapeutic bases of a sulfur mustard poisoning, by accidental, terrorism or war exposure. DATA SOURCES References were obtained from computerised bibliographic research (Medline), from personnel data (academic memoir, documents under approbation of the National Defense Office) and from the(More)
Extracorporeal circulation with membrane oxygenator (E.C.M.O.) was performed in 6 dogs and 5 baboons during 4 to 57 hours. Examination of pulmonary samples showed progressive lesions in the two species: at the second hour of E.C., alteration of capillary endothelium, at the sixth, extensive lesions of all the lung structures, worsening later on. We(More)
A single glance at a face is enough to infer a first impression about someone. With the increasing amount of pictures available, selecting the most suitable picture for a given use is a difficult task. This work focuses on the estimation of the image quality of facial portraits. Some image quality features are extracted such as blur, color representation,(More)
BACKGROUND Structured, multicentre psychosocial support programmes are rare in Switzerland. The Swiss Cancer League has therefore designed a programme of this kind for cancer patients, and the effect on quality of life (QL) is investigated in the present study. METHODS The programme consisted of 10 weekly 2-hour sessions and was carried out, on the basis(More)
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