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Chaotic dynamics can be used to model shapes and render textures in digital images. This paper addresses the problem of how to model geometrically shapes and textures of two dimensional images using iterated function systems. The successful solution to this problem is demonstrated by the production and processing of synthetic images encoded from color(More)
The work reported in this paper addresses the issue of automatically tracking the faces and facial features of persons in head-and-shoulders video sequences. We propose two totally automatic algorithms which respectively perform the detection of head outlines and identify rectangular \eyes-nose-mouth" regions, both from downsampled binary thresholded edge(More)
Layered coding architectures are attractive in theory for two reasons. FirsL they natur~y allow for heterogeneity in networks and receivers in terms of chent processing capabfity and network bandwidth. Second, they correspond to optim~ ut~iation of avfiable band-width when seved video qutity Ievek are desired. b practice, the increased complexity imposed by(More)
We describe a method of object-selective quantizer control in a standard coding system based on MC DCT| CCITT Recommendation H.261. The approach is based on two n o vel algorithms, namely buuer rate modulation and buuer size modulation. By forcing the rate control algorithm to transfer a relatively small fraction|about 100 15 on average|of the total(More)