Arnaud Gauthier

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HER2 is overexpressed and amplified in approximately 15% of invasive breast cancers, and is the molecular target and predictive marker of response to anti-HER2 agents. In a subset of these cases, heterogeneous distribution of HER2 gene amplification can be found, which creates clinically challenging scenarios. Currently, breast cancers with HER2(More)
Molecular defects responsible for morphologically abnormal spermatozoa (teratospermia) associated with male sterility are largely unknown. We report defective expression of protein 4.1, a cytoskeletal protein initially recognised in red cells. In some patients with severely amorphous sperm heads, protein 4.1 had an abnormal sub-cellular localisation (tail(More)
PURPOSE To determine if models of ovarian clear cell carcinomas (OCCCs) harbouring defects in homologous recombination (HR) DNA repair of double strand breaks (DSBs) are sensitive to cisplatin and/or PARP inhibition. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN The HR status of 12 OCCC cell lines was determined using RAD51/γH2AX foci formation assays. Sensitivity to cisplatin and(More)
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