Arnaud Gandois

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Rapid characterization and pre-qualification measurements are becoming more and more important for the ever-growing number of small antennas, mobile telephones and other wireless terminals. There is a need driven by the wireless industries for a smart test set-up with reduced dimensions and capable of measuring radiating devices. Satimo has developed a(More)
Current techniques for testing of aircraft radomes are time consuming, not as precise as desired, and requires dedicated far field test range, compact test range, or anechoic chamber, or other specific systems for measuring one or other of the parameters. To overcome all these limitations, and to obtain a unique system for a complete diagnosis, a novel(More)
The accurate characterization of low-gain antennas at VHF frequencies is challenging. Such antennas can be tested outdoors for convenience or in very large and thus expensive indoor Far-Field (FF) ranges [1]. Indoor Near-Field (NF) systems are often considered a better cost compromise for such measurements, mainly due to the relaxed requirements on chamber(More)
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