Arnaud Bruyas

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Multi-Material Rapid Prototyping (MM-RP) is a promising fabrication process for compliant mechanisms, for instance when compactness is a concern. The Pseudo-Rigid Body Model (PRBM) approach is well-known for the synthesis of compliant mechanisms. It is usually based on the use of compliant joints to provide the mechanism mobilities. In this paper, we(More)
In this paper, a new multifunctional compliant joint is introduced for the design of unibody robotic mechanisms. Developed in the demanding context of interventional MRI, the compliant joint integrates kinematic, actuation, braking and sensing functions. Such integration is performed thanks to multimaterial additive manufacturing. Design and experimental(More)
The problem of real-time tracking has been studied widely and many methods in very different fields of application have been developed manipulating image based elements. While all use features as a way to represent a tracked object in the image, naturally, depending on the method and the objects, some features are better than others. As part of the project(More)
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