Arnaud Botella

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The antisecretory action of subcutaneously (SC) administered somatostatin(1-14), octreotide, and lanreotide on jejunal net flux of water under basal, prostaglandin E1 (PGE1)- and cholera toxin (CT)-stimulated secretory conditions was determined in vivo on isolated intestinal loop in anesthetized rats. Both PGE1 and CT induced intestinal hypersecretion in(More)
The effects of galanin and its interaction with cholecystokinin and acetylcholine on smooth muscle cells were studied in vitro on isolated cells obtained from pig ileum circular muscle layer. Galanin induced a concentration-dependent cell contraction with a maximal contraction (24.5% decrease in cell length from control) obtained at 1 nM. The concentration(More)
Smooth muscle cells isolated by enzymatic digestion were used to determine the direct effects of galanin on circular and longitudinal muscle layers from dog proximal colon and to investigate the intracellular pathways involved in these effects. Effects of galanin were compared to those observed with other contracting [cholecystokinin octapeptide (CCK8)] and(More)
The effect of synthetic sorbin derivatives was determined on cholera toxin-stimulated jejunal secretion in anesthetized rats in vivo, using both perfused and ligated loop. An inhibitory effect on water secretion induced by cholera toxin was shown with C-terminal sorbin peptides: C20 (YEPGKSSILQHERPVTKPQA-amide), C10 and Dala 7 heptapeptide-amide of sorbin,(More)
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