Arnaud Antkowiak

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A drop impacting a target cutout in a thin polymer film is wrapped by the film in a dynamic sequence involving both capillary forces and inertia. Different 3D structures can be produced from a given target by slightly varying the impact parameters. A simplified model for a nonlinear dynamic Elastica coupled with a drop successfully explains this shape(More)
We report on the capillarity-induced snapping of elastic beams. We show that a millimeter-sized water drop gently deposited on a thin buckled polymer strip may trigger an elastocapillary snap-through instability. We investigate experimentally and theoretically the statics and dynamics of this phenomenon and we further demonstrate that snapping can act(More)
We study the interaction of a liquid drop with an elastic beam in the case where bending effects dominate. We use a variational approach to derive equilibrium equations for the system in the presence of gravity and in the presence or absence of contact line pinning. We show that the derived equilibrium equations for the beam subsystem reveal the external(More)
We demonstrate the impressive adhesive qualities of uloborid spider orb-web capture when dry, which are lost when the nano-filament threads are wetted. A force sensor with a 50 nN–1 mN detection sensitively allowed us to measure quantitatively the stress–strain characteristics of native silk threads in both the original dry state and after wetting by(More)
Following Eggers and Dupont (1994), we will derive approximate equations of motion valid in the limit of slender jets i.e. jets for which the radial dimensions are much smaller than the longitudinal dimensions. We start by writing the full equations of motion for an incompressible viscous fluid in cylindrical (axisymmetric) coordinates. The equations for(More)
An essential element in the web-trap architecture, the capture silk spun by ecribellate orb spiders consists of glue droplets sitting astride a silk filament. Mechanically this thread presents a mixed solid-liquid behavior unknown to date. Under extension, capture silk behaves as a particularly stretchy solid, owing to its molecular nanosprings, but it(More)
In a single glass of champagne about a million bubbles nucleate on the wall and rise towards the surface. When these bubbles reach the surface and rupture, they project a multitude of tiny droplets in the form of a particular aerosol holding a concentrate of wine aromas. Based on the model experiment of a single bubble bursting in idealized champagnes, the(More)
We have reproduced the experiment of acoustic monitoring of spontaneous popping of single soap bubbles standing in air reported by Ding et al. [2aaPhys. Rev. E 75, 041601 (2007)]. By using a single microphone and two different signal acquisition systems recording in parallel the signal at the microphone output, among them the system used by Ding et al., we(More)
We report an unexpected behavior in wetting dynamics on soft silicone substrates: the dynamics of aqueous droplets deposited on vertical plates of such elastomers exhibits two successive speed regimes. This macroscopic observation is found to be closely related to microscopic phenomena occurring at the scale of the polymer network: we show that(More)