Arnaldo Silva Rodrigues Oliveira

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This paper examines rational and psychological decision-making models. Descriptive and normative methodologies such as attribution theory, schema theory, prospect theory, ambiguity model, game theory, and expected utility theory are discussed. The definition of culture is reviewed, and the relationship between culture and decision making is also highlighted(More)
A novel application-specific hardware (ASH) unit was designed to form the building block of the Meshotron -- aparallelisation network for three-dimensional (3D) digital wave guide-mesh (DWM) room acoustic models. The rectangular mesh topology was elected. This ASH unit was tested using professional hardware simulation tools, assuming 32-bit integer data.(More)
This paper presents a solution to improve clinical triage with a network of Wireless Sensor Tags based on pulse oximeters. The wireless sensor measures vital signs on a patient and outputs an automated clinical analysis. A central unit monitors these readings for a large number of sensors and helps to coordinate a first aid team, providing updated(More)
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