Arnaldo A Berges

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OBJECTIVE To report the case of a patient who experienced adverse events in succession to antiepileptic medications being used for both antiepileptic and mood-stabilization benefit. CASE SUMMARY A 46-year-old white woman developed hyponatremia with carbamazepine, hyperammonemia with divalproex, cognitive impairment with topiramate, and hyponatremia with(More)
An issue under much clinical debate is whether treatment with two antipsychotic agents simultaneously is advantageous for optimizing response in patients whose previous monotherapy with antipsychotic agents has failed. Minimal evidence supports treatment with multiple antipsychotics, even when the agents have different mechanisms of action. The standard of(More)
A 52-year-old patient with treatment-resistant paranoid schizophrenia developed severe parkinsonian features after more than 20 years of antipsychotic drug therapy. The role of this therapy was thought to have been a contributing factor to the patient's clinical presentation, although Parkinson's disease could not be ruled out. Originally, parkinsonian(More)
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