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PURPOSE We evaluated the long-term results and complications of endonasal pansinusoperation in chronic polypoid sinusitis. PATIENTS AND METHODS In a retrospective study, 170 patients were followed-up for 20 months to 10 years after bilateral endonasal microendoscopic pansinus surgery or ethmoidectomy. The follow-up consisted of a standardized(More)
The obliteration of the frontal sinus via an osteoplastic approach is performed with the aim of achieving a permanent 'switching off' by final and conclusive clearing out. For this, freshly harvested abdominal fat has shown itself to be the best clinically. It is possible to demonstrate the vitality of fat transplanted into the frontal sinus without an(More)
ABSTRACT The association between progressive systemic sclerosis (PSS) and malignancy is uncommon. The possibility of development of small cell carcinoma lung (SCLC), among all the reported lung malignancies in PSS patients is lowest. A fifty-five year old non-smoker female diagnosed as PSS for 1 year presented to our outpatient department with dry cough for(More)
BACKGROUND Silicosis is a slowly progressive chronic occupational lung disease, developed after a prolong period of exposure to high concentration of silica dust. METHODS In this longitudinal study, we enrolled old and new silicosis patients (n=19; 8 jewellery polishers, 11 from other occupations) seen at our Pulmonary Medicine Department from June 2009(More)
Rhupus syndrome is a rare syndrome characterized by overlap of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). Our patient was a diagnosed case of RA and developed SLE 2 years after. She was a middle-aged woman, presented with bilateral pleural effusion with exacerbation of skin and joint symptoms of SLE. We diagnosed the case as(More)
BACKGROUND Dural lesions incurred during endonasal sinus surgery must be repaired surgically because of the risk of potentially fatal late meningitis. DESIGN Retrospective survey. SETTING Ear, nose, and throat department of a university teaching hospital. PATIENTS Consecutive sample of 47 patients who had undergone duraplasty for repair of a dural(More)
♦Corresponding Author: Kaushik Saha, MD Rabindra Pally, 1st Lane, P.O. Nimta, Kolkata – 700049, West Bengal, India Tel: +919433383080, +91033-25396689 Email: doctorkaushiksaha@gmail.com Introduction Superior vena cava (SVC) thrombosis is a common phenomenon secondary to subclavian catheterization, however in malignancy it is quite uncommon. Pure(More)
Arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) of the jaws are extremely rare lesions, which are probably hamartomas or developmental malformations. In this article we present an extremely high-flow AVM of the lower jaw (rt side)with spontaneous exsanguinating bleeding from the intraoral lesion site. Digital subtraction angiography revealed a high-flow, high-shunt AVM.(More)
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