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  • Puiying A. Mak, Srinivasa P. S. Rao, Mai Ping Tan, Xiuhua Lin, Jason Chyba, Joann Tay +20 others
  • 2012
Growing evidence suggests that the presence of a subpopulation of hypoxic non-replicating, phenotypically drug-tolerant mycobacteria is responsible for the prolonged duration of tuberculosis treatment. The discovery of new antitubercular agents active against this subpopulation may help in developing new strategies to shorten the time of tuberculosis(More)
  • Kevin Pethe, Patricia C. Sequeira, Sanjay Agarwalla, Kyu Rhee, Kelli Kuhen, Wai Yee Phong +35 others
  • 2010
Candidate antibacterials are usually identified on the basis of their in vitro activity. However, the apparent inhibitory activity of new leads can be misleading because most culture media do not reproduce an environment relevant to infection in vivo. In this study, while screening for novel anti-tuberculars, we uncovered how carbon metabolism can affect(More)
Election data represent a precious source of information to study human behavior at a large scale. In proportional elections with open lists, the number of votes received by a candidate, rescaled by the average performance of all competitors in the same party list, has the same distribution regardless of the country and the year of the election. Here we(More)
The quest for new antimalarial drugs, especially those with novel modes of action, is essential in the face of emerging drug-resistant parasites. Here we describe a new chemical class of molecules, pyrazoleamides, with potent activity against human malaria parasites and showing remarkably rapid parasite clearance in an in vivo model. Investigations(More)
We propose a model of continuous opinion dynamics, where mutual interactions can be both positive and negative. Different types of distributions for the interactions, all characterized by a single parameter p denoting the fraction of negative interactions, are considered. Results from exact calculation of a discrete version and numerical simulations of the(More)
Citations measure the importance of a publication, and may serve as a proxy for its popularity and quality of its contents. Here we study the distributions of citations to publications from individual academic institutions for a single year. The average number of citations have large variations between different institutions across the world, but the(More)
We study the statistics of citations made to the indexed Science journals in the Journal Citation Reports during the period 2004-2013 using different measures. We consider different measures which quantify the impact of the journals. To our surprise, we find that the apparently uncorrelated measures, even when defined in an arbitrary manner, show strong(More)
Five novel derivatives 1a, 1b, 1c, 2 and 3 of brevifoliol were synthesized. The structures of all the synthesized derivatives were established on the basis of IR, 1H NMR, 13C NMR and mass spectral data. All the five derivatives were tested for in vitro cytotoxicity against four human cancer cell lines. The result showed that compound 1a, 1b and 1c exhibited(More)
We study the statistics of citations made to the top ranked indexed journals for Science and Social Science databases in the Journal Citation Reports using different measures. Total annual citation and impact factor, as well as a third measure called the annual citation rate are used to make the detailed analysis. We observe that the distribution of the(More)
The time lag between the publication of a Nobel discovery and the conferment of the prize has been rapidly increasing for all disciplines, especially for Physics. Does this mean that fundamental science is running out of groundbreaking discoveries? The 2013 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to Higgs and Englert for their prediction of the existence of the(More)