Armin Wollin

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A method which measures histamine, its basic metabolites, and some analogs in biological materials is described. The procedure consists of ion-exchange chromatography and chromatography on silicic acid for isolation and purification, and gas chromatography for identification and quantitation. The isolated compounds are prepared for gas chromatography by(More)
BACKGROUND Rapid elimination of histamine near the oxyntic cells is important in the termination of the secretory response when the signal for histamine release is discontinued. The mechanism of this local process is still unclear. METHOD Gastric mucosal histamine elimination was, therefore, examined in fundic mucosa mounted in flux chambers and in(More)
The cellular distribution of histamine N-methyltransferase was studied in rabbit gastric mucosa. The fundic mucosa was dispersed by collagenase treatment in Hanks' or calcium-free medium. In calcium-free medium, the number of dispersed cells/g wet tissue, as well as their viability was increased; histamine N-methyltransferase recovery was up to three-fold(More)
  • Armin Wollin
  • Canadian journal of physiology and pharmacology
  • 1990
Inactivation of histamine by gastric mucosal tissue was examined in dispersed rabbit gastric mucosal cells. Mucosal cells were incubated with [14C]histamine. The formed radioactive metabolites were separated and identified by thin layer co-chromatography and quantitated, in both the cellular and extracellular mediums. Gastric mucosal cells internalized(More)
The relationship between cyclic AMP production and the response of isolated canine parietal cells to histamine has been examined. Histamine increased cyclic AMP generation, and this effect correlated with histamine stimulation of oxygen consumption and aminopyrine accumulation. Metiamide inhibited histamine-stimulated cyclic AMP generation and oxygen(More)
Diamine oxidase is continuously released from the intestinal mucosa and carried to the circulation by the lymphatics. The effect of nutrients on this release was examined. Rats were prepared with duodenal and intestinal lymph cannulas. Test mixtures of lipid emulsions containing triolein, oleic acid, or tricaprylin and solutions of carbohydrate and protein(More)
The effects of histamine, Nalpha-dimethylhistamine, 4,5-methylhistamine, Ntau-methylhistamine, pentagastrin, carbachol, and NaF on the adenylate cyclase activity from canine gastric mucosa were investigated in cell-free preparations. In gastric fundic mucosa, histamine (10(-4) M), Nalpha-dimethylhistamine (10(-4) M), 4,5-methylhistamine (10(-4 M), and NaF(More)