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OBJECTIVES We reviewed 1600 water births at a single institution over an 8-year period. METHODS We compared 737 primiparae deliveries in water with 407 primiparae deliveries in bed, and 142 primiparae on the delivery stool. We also evaluated the duration of labor, perineal trauma, arterial cord blood pH, postpartum maternal hemoglobin levels, and rates of(More)
PURPOSE To determine whether the application of two courses of cisplatin simultaneously with hyperfractionated radiotherapy improves the outcome in locally advanced and/or node-positive nonmetastatic carcinomas of the head and neck, compared with hyperfractionated radiotherapy alone. PATIENTS AND METHODS From July 1994 to July 2000, 224 patients with(More)
OBJECTIVE We reviewed 1,825 water births at a single institution over a 9-year period. METHODS We compared 830 primipara deliveries in water with 424 primipara deliveries in the traditional bed and 136 on the delivery stool. We also evaluated the duration of labour, arterial cord blood pH and base excess in the primiparae, and perineal trauma, shoulder(More)
AIM Pilot study, examining the cardioprotective effect of an antioxidant regimen in patients with malignancies receiving high dose chemo- or radiotherapy. PATIENTS AND METHODS 14 patients with chemotherapy and 10 patients with radiotherapy were randomized in a double-blind fashion (placebo versus vitamin E and C and N-acetylcysteine). Systolic and(More)
PURPOSE To clarify the controversy about the management and prognosis of human chorionic gonadotropin-producing seminoma, the records of 132 patients with abnormal human chorionic gonadotropin values treated with radiotherapy were analyzed. METHODS AND MATERIALS The records of 1169 patients with pure seminoma treated in 10 institutions were screened for(More)
Radionephrographies were performed in 23 hypertensive patients before and after 28 transluminal dilatations (PTD) of their stenosed renal arteries. The changing clearances for both kidneys (global = Clgl) and for stenosed and contralateral kidneys (Clst and Clco) were followed for three groups, dependent on their clinical outcome, as well as the parenchymal(More)
BACKGROUND The object of our study is to research into the quality of the different delivery positions, offered in our hospital with special focus on the advantages for birth in water. METHODS From February 1997 to 1 October 2000 we do research retrospectively on data of 555 deliveries in water, 320 on the traditional bed and 125 on the delivery stool(More)
Patients with ectopic pregnancy and those suspected having ectopic pregnancy were reviewed in a twenty years interval (1957-59, 1977-79). These patients were evaluated with regard to medical history, clinical and laboratory findings, diagnostic procedures, and clinical course. The diagnostic usefulness of symptoms and diagnostic procedures is expressed in(More)
(1) Histiocytosis-X can manifest itself in virtually every organ, but in gynecology it is an absolute curiosity. (2) Differential diagnosis must exclude specific and nonspecific ulcerations and granulations such as syphilis, tuberculosis, Boeck's disease, and also neoplastic processes like lymphomas, sarcomas, carcinomas, and malignant diseases of the(More)
UNLABELLED The aim of this study was to document the practice of 2625 water births at Vipiteno over the period 1997-2009 and compare outcome and safety with normal vaginal delivery. The microbial load of the birth pool water was analyzed, and neonatal infection rates after water birth and after land delivery were compared. Methods. The variables analyzed in(More)