Armin Stroebel

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Hippocampal neurons in tissue culture develop functional synapses that exhibit considerable variation in synaptic vesicle content (20-350 vesicles). We examined absolute and fractional parameters of synaptic vesicle exocytosis of individual synapses. Their correlation to vesicle content was determined by activity-dependent discharge of FM-styryl dyes. At(More)
Suicide rate follows a seasonal pattern that is related to rising air temperature and global radiation. These findings are reproducible within different climatic regions. Numerous studies have attempted to explain this peak in relation to weather. However, many of these studies did not use meteorological data representative of the site of the suicide or(More)
Cargo movement along axons and dendrites is indispensable for the survival and maintenance of neuronal networks. Key parameters of this transport such as particle velocities and pausing times are often studied using kymograph construction, which converts the transport along a line of interest from a time-lapse movie into a position versus time image. Here(More)
In many instances of signal and image processing, it is indispensable to precisely distinguish scattered peaks from a background, e.g., camera signals in microscopy. Here we addressed the detection of Gaussian signals in simulated line profiles (LP) comparable with e.g., fluorescence microscopy data. In a first step, we measured the applicability of(More)
On their way to the synapse and back, neuronal proteins are carried in cargo vesicles along axons and dendrites. Here, we demonstrate that the key parameters of axonal transport, i.e., particle velocities and pausing times can be read out from CCD-camera images automatically. In the present study, this is achieved via cross- and autocorrelation of kymograph(More)
Various computer-based methods exist for the detection and quantification of protein spots in two dimensional gel electrophoresis images. Area-based methods are commonly used for spot quantification: an area is assigned to each spot and the sum of the pixel intensities in that area, the so-called volume, is used a measure for spot signal. Other methods use(More)
Spastin is a microtubule severing ATPase that regulates intracellular and axonal transport of vesicles. Intracellular vesicle trafficking was analyzed in differentiated SH-SY5Y-neuroblastoma cells, transfected with spastin wild-type and three spastin mutations (ΔN, K388R, S44L) to investigate spastin-mediated effects on the velocity of vesicles, stained(More)
OBJECTIVE The hypothesis of a lunar influence on human abnormal behavior is still widespread, although research has led to conflicting findings. Therefore, a population-based study to assess the influence of lunar phases on violent crimes was conducted. METHODS The study included all serious crimes of battery (aggravated assaults) committed in Middle(More)
BACKGROUND Animals, including humans, exhibit a variety of biological rhythms. This article describes a method for the detection and simultaneous comparison of multiple nycthemeral rhythms. METHODS A statistical method for detecting periodic patterns in time-related data via harmonic regression is described. The method is particularly capable of detecting(More)
Intrusive memory experiences (IMEs) are a common symptom of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Sensory perceptions of IMEs in the PTSD context vary substantially. The present research examined 20 patients with a single trauma, 20 re-traumatized patients and 80 Holocaust-traumatized patients who suffered from PTSD. Our results revealed significant(More)
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