Armin Semmler

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Methotrexate (MTX)-associated myelopathy is a rare but serious subacute complication of MTX-based chemotherapy. We report the case of a woman with breast cancer and meningeal carcinomatosis who developed severe progressive myelopathy after four cycles of intrathecal MTX administration. We substituted high doses of the key metabolites of the methyl-transfer(More)
Calibration of resist model parameters becomes more and more important in lithography simulation. The general goal of such a calibration procedure is to find parameters and model options which minimize the difference between experimentally measured and simulated data. In this paper a multidimensional downhill simplex method and a genetic algorithm are(More)
A 14-month-old boy underwent bilateral antrotomies and adenotomy for bilateral mastoiditis. During the operation, typical symptoms of malignant hyperthermia (MH) became apparent. At the time of operation, pulse oximetry and capnometry were not possible which led to a delay in making the diagnosis. Nevertheless, Dantrolene, which was available in the(More)
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