Armin Segref

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Chromosomes are segregated by two antiparallel arrays of microtubules arranged to form the spindle apparatus. During cell division, the nucleation of cytosolic microtubules is prevented and spindle microtubules nucleate from centrosomes (in mitotic animal cells) or around chromosomes (in plants and some meiotic cells). The molecular mechanism by which(More)
The heterodimeric nuclear cap binding complex (CBC) binds to 5'-capped polymerase II transcripts. It enhances the efficiency of several mRNA maturation steps and is essential for U snRNA nuclear export in multicellular eukaryotes. The 2A crystal structure of human CBC shows that the large subunit, CBP80, comprises three domains, each containing consecutive(More)
In metazoa, a subset of spliceosomal U snRNAs are exported from the nucleus after transcription. This export occurs in a large complex containing a U snRNA, the nuclear cap binding complex (CBC), the leucine-rich nuclear export signal receptor CRM1/Xpo1, RanGTP, and the recently identified phosphoprotein PHAX (phosphorylated adaptor for RNA export).(More)
The Beam Parameter Product (BPP) of a passive, lossless system is a constant and cannot be improved upon but the beams may be reshaped for enhanced coupling performance. The function of the optical designer of fiber coupled diode lasers is to preserve the brightness of the diode sources while maximizing the coupling efficiency. In coupling diode laser power(More)
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