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Assembly lines are special flow-line production systems which are of great importance in the industrial production of high quantity standardized commodities. Recently, assembly lines even gained importance in low volume production of customized products (mass-customization). Due to high capital requirements when installing or redesigning a line, its(More)
At cross docking terminals incoming deliveries of inbound trucks are unloaded, sorted, moved across the dock and nally loaded onto outbound trucks, which immediately leave the terminal towards their next destination in the distribution chain. Accordingly, a cross dock is a consolidation point in a distribution network, where multiple smaller shipments can(More)
Manufacturers in a wide range of industries nowadays face the challenge of providing a rich product variety at very low cost. This typically requires the implementation of cost efficient, flexible production systems. Often, so called mixed-model assembly lines are employed, where setup operations are reduced to such an extent that various models of a common(More)
At cross docking terminals, shipments from inbound trucks are unloaded, sorted and moved to dispatch points where they are directly loaded onto outbound trucks for an immediate delivery elsewhere in the distribution system. This warehouse management concept aims at realizing economies in transportation cost by consolidating divergent shipments to full(More)