Armin Oppitz

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The European Photon Imaging Camera (EPIC) consortium has provided the focal plane instruments for the three X-ray mirror systems on XMM-Newton. Two cameras with a reflecting grating spectrometer in the optical path are equipped with MOS type CCDs as focal plane detectors (Turner 2001), the telescope with the full photon flux operates the novel pn-CCD as an(More)
The customer, a leading Global Telecommunication and Service Provider, has made the strategical decision to move away from the old fashioned Telecommunication company to a more internet player oriented service provider. The approach is to combine the short time-to-market requirement, like a state-of-the-art internet player uses to follow with a more mature(More)
In recent years, library systems have evolved from simple electronic catalogues to extensive document sources. Progress in storage media, database and wide area networking technologies allow access to documents in their original form. Besides "modem" documents, which are often created and distributed in electronic exchange formats, huge amounts of ancient,(More)
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