Armin Fiedler

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This paper outlines the interactive proof explanation system P.rex, which adapts its explanation to the user and allows him anytime to utter questions or requests, to which it reacts exibly. As a generic system , it can be connected to diierent theorem provers. The distribution is available via the P.rex home page at 1 The P. rex System P.rex is an(More)
The capabilities of a automated theorem prover's interface are essential for the effective use of (interactive) proof systems. LΩUI is the multi-modal interface that combines several features: a graphical display of information in a proof graph, a selective term browser with hypertext facilities, proof and proof plan presentation in natural language, and an(More)
We propose a proof representation format for human-oriented proofs at the assertion level with under-specification. This work aims at providing a possible solution to challenging phenomena worked out in empirical studies in the DIALOG project at Saarland University. A particular challenge in this project is to bridge the gap between the human-oriented proof(More)
In order to generate high quality explanations in mathematical domains, the presentation must be adapted to the knowledge of the intended audience. Most proof presentation systems only communicate proofs on a fixed degree of abstraction independently of the addressee’s knowledge. In this paper, we shall present the proof explanation system P.rex. Based on(More)