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Despite empirical evidence that natural language dialog capabilities are necessary for the success of tutorial sessions, only few state-of-the-art tutoring systems use natural-language style interaction. Since domain knowledge, tutoring and pedagogical knowledge, and dialog management are tightly intertwined , the modeling and integration of proper natural(More)
The representation of knowledge for a mathematical proof assistant is generally used exclusively for the purpose of proving theorems. Aiming at a broader scope, we examine the use of mathematical knowledge in a mathematical tutoring system with flexible natural language dialog. Based on an analysis of a corpus of dialogs we collected with a simulated(More)
The Ωmega proof development system [2] is the core of several related and well integrated research projects of the Ωmega research group. Ωmega is a mathematical assistant tool that supports proof development in mathematical domains at a user-friendly level of abstraction. It is a modular system with a central data structure and several complementary(More)
We propose a proof representation format for human-oriented proofs at the assertion level with under-specification. This work aims at providing a possible solution to challenging phenomena worked out in empirical studies in the DIALOG project at Saarland University. A particular challenge in this project is to bridge the gap between the human-oriented proof(More)