Armin Fiedler

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Our goal is to develop a flexible dialog system for tutoring mathematical problem solving. Empirical findings in the area of intelligent tutoring show that flexible natural language dialog supports active learning. Therefore, we focus on the development of solutions allowing flexible dialog. However, little is known about the use of natural language in(More)
We propose a proof representation format for human-oriented proofs at the assertion level with under-specification. This work aims at providing a possible solution to challenging phenomena worked out in empirical studies in the DIALOG project at Saarland University. A particular challenge in this project is to bridge the gap between the human-oriented proof(More)
We argue in this paper that sophisticated mi-croplanning techniques are required even for mathematical proofs, in contrast to the belief that mathematical texts are only schematic and mechanical. We demonstrate why paraphrasing and aggregation significantly enhance the flexibility and the coherence of the text produced. To this end, we adopted the Text(More)