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In an era where Big Data can greatly impact a broad population, many novel opportunities arise, chief among them the ability to integrate data from diverse sources and "wrangle" it to extract novel insights. Conceived as a tool that can help both expert and non-expert users better understand public data, MATTERS was collaboratively developed by the(More)
For many software engineers, object-oriented frameworks represent the highest level of achievement in extensible design. The framework designers become experts in a specific application domain and design cooperating classes that impose specific responsibilities and collaborations for those seeking to extend the framework. In short, once a framework matures,(More)
In the era of big data, economic competitiveness is assured by decision making leveraging insights gained from large scale yet granular data sets from a rich diversity of areas. In this light, the METIS system collaboratively developed by a team at WPI, the Massachusetts High Tech Council and other institutions, emerges as an analytic platform offering(More)
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