Armen Zehnaly

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Craniofacial development involves cranial neural crest (CNC) and mesoderm-derived cells. TGF-beta signaling plays a critical role in instructing CNC cells to form the craniofacial skeleton. However, it is not known how TGF-beta signaling regulates the fate of mesoderm-derived cells during craniofacial development. In this study, we show that occipital(More)
TGF-beta plays a role in cell migration, proliferation, and differentiation during embryonic development. This study investigated the effect of neural crest- or mesodermspecific loss of TGF-beta type II receptor in mice. These conditional knockout mice both exhibit skin defects of the skull associated with an underlying bone defect, a phenotype consistent(More)
We describe a case in which severe lower extremity radicular pain occurred after administration of 0.9% saline into the subarachnoid space through a catheter that had been left for 20 h following inadvertent dural puncture in an obstetric patient. A 42-year-old (G8P7) woman was admitted for repeat cesarean delivery. Accidental dural puncture occurred during(More)
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