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Shear wave elasticity imaging (SWEI) is a new approach to imaging and characterizing tissue structures based on the use of shear acoustic waves remotely induced by the radiation force of a focused ultrasonic beam. SWEI provides the physician with a virtual "finger" to probe the elasticity of the internal regions of the body. In SWEI, compared to other(More)
We have developed a device entitled the 'Tissue Elastometer' (TE) for evaluating the Young's modulus of soft tissues. Soft tissue specimens are compressed between the object plate of an electronic balance and a linearly actuated indenter with a small rounded tip. The hardware of the device was designed such that a deformation model for semi-infinite media(More)
Using high-precision densitometric and ultrasonic measurements, we have determined, at 25 degrees C, the apparent molar volumes, phi V, and the apparent molar compressibilities, phi KS, of five natural and three synthetic B-form DNA duplexes with varying base compositions and base sequences. We find that phi V ranges from 152.0 to 186.6 cm3 mol-1, while phi(More)
Mechanical imaging yields tissue elasticity map and provides quantitative characterization of a detected pathology. The changes in the surface stress patterns as a function of applied load provide information about the elastic composition and geometry of the underlying tissue structures. The objective of this study is the clinical evaluation of breast(More)
Affordability of healthcare is highly limited by its skyrocketing cost. Access to screening and diagnostic medical equipment and medicine in developing countries is inadequate for the majority of the population. There is a tremendous worldwide need to detect breast cancer at its earliest stage. These needs must be balanced by the ability of countries to(More)
The relative success of manual palpation in the detection of breast cancer would suggest that a method for remote palpation resulting in a measurement of tissue elasticity could provide a diagnostic tool for detecting cancerous lesions deeper within the breast. This presumption is based in part on the excellent contrast between neoplastic and normal tissue(More)
In shear wave elasticity imaging (SWEI), mechanical excitation within the tissue is remotely generated using radiation force of focused ultrasound. The induced shear strain is subsequently detected to estimate visco-elastic properties of tissue and thus aid diagnostics. In this paper, the mechanical response of tissue to radiation force was detected using a(More)
Radiation force is a universal phenomenon in any wave motion, electromagnetic or acoustic. Although acoustic and electromagnetic waves are both characterized by time variation of basic quantities, they are also both capable of exerting a steady force called radiation force. In 1902, Lord Rayleigh published his classic work on the radiation force of sound,(More)