Armen G. Sergeev

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The paper presents the results of determination of sensitivity of 154 gonococcal strains isolated from the patients, who were treated at the clinic of the Urals Research Institute of Dermatovenereology and Immunopathology and the Sverdlovsk Regional and Yekaterinburg City Dermatovenereological Dispensaries in 2001-2003, to penicillin, tetracycline,(More)
It is well known that, due to vanishing theorems, there are no nontrivial finite action solutions to the Abelian Seiberg-Witten (SW) monopole equations on Euclidean four-dimensional space R4. We show that this is no longer true for the noncommutative version of these equations, i.e., on a noncommutative deformation R4 θ of R4 there exist smooth solutions to(More)
Comparative sequence of the structural part of genomes pf the original daf+ clone and two derived daf- mutant clones (101 and 103) was analyzed to map mutations responsible for the loss of affinity for the receptor glycoprotein DAF (CD55). The obtained nucleotide sequences (EU167520, EU167521, EU167522) were deposited in the GenBank. There were single point(More)
In the first part of the paper we describe the complex geometry of the universal Teichmüller space T , which may be realized as an open subset in the complex Banach space of holomorphic quadratic differentials in the unit disc. The quotient S of the diffeomorphism group of the circle modulo Möbius transformations may be treated as a smooth part of T . In(More)
The epidemiological and clinico-etiological study of cases of acute serous meningitis with unknown etiology in children was carried out in a large industrial city at the period of a considerable morbidity rise caused by this infection. The maximum morbidity was registered among younger children under school age attending children's institutions. In 26(More)
We describe briefly the basic ideas and results of the twistor theory. The main points: twistor representation of Minkowsky space, Penrose correspondence and its geometrical properties, twistor interpretation of linear massless fields, Yang-Mills fields (including instantons and monopoles) and Einstein-Hilbert equations.