Armelle Prigent

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In this paper, we tackle the problem of model-checking SDL programs that use the save operator. Previous work on model-checking SDL programs with SPIN consists in translating SDL into IF (using sdl2if) and nally IF to Promela (if2pml). Nevertheless the save operator of SDL is not handled by the ((nal) translator if2pml. W e p r o p o s e an extension of the(More)
This article evaluates different improvements of Laurent Itti's (Itti et al., 1998) visual attention model. Sixteen persons have participated in a qualitative evaluation protocol on a database of 48 images. Six different methods were evaluated, including a random fixations generation model. A real time conspicuity maps generation algorithm is also(More)
This paper deals with game analysis. We begin by the proposal of a terminology relevant to game scenario. Then, we propose an approach dedicated to analyze game scenarii. This approach consists in expressing a scenario by using a fragment of linear logic. This model is then translated into a Petri net model. This model allows us to generate the possible(More)
The increase of the experiences of the self through the practice of multiple virtual identities ……………………………………………….…… p. 291 ABSTRACT This paper presents a real time, low resource, head tracking system. This system is used for a broad range of applications, the simplest being the control of a car in an arcade racing game. Another use of this system is the(More)
This paper presents a real time face tracking and head pose estimation system which is included in an attention aware game framework. This fast tracking system enables the detection of the player's attentional state using a simple attention model. This state is then used to adapt the game unfolding in order to enhance user's experience (in the case of(More)
Emergent narrative means that it is the player that unfolds the narrative and then creates its own story. But game should control the drama in order to modify the player emotion through the game by enabling or disabling actions. In the framework of an adaptative system that manages player actions, this paper defines a formal model for interactive narration(More)
Testing is an important step in validation process of critical systems. Black box testing consists in verifying that the system conforms to the behaviour of its model. In the case of real-time systems, temporal constraints have to be taken into account in test generation. In this paper we tackle the problem of conformance testing for parameterized Real-Time(More)
À travers la description des principes et de la mise en oeuvre de la seconde étape du jeu pervasif PLUG, les responsables du projet analysent les perspectives de son utilisation comme outil pédagogique permettant d'aller plus loin dans l'expérience de visite ainsi que les possibilités offertes à l'institution muséale dans sa réflexion sur les nouvelles(More)