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OBJECTIVE Animal studies have shown sex differences in the impact of prenatal maternal stress on the offspring. The aim of this prospective case-control study was to assess the effect of prenatal depression on newborn and 1-year-old infant characteristics as related to gender, controlling for confounding variables. METHOD We screened 205 pregnant women(More)
On the basis of an experimental psychological analysis of the personality features in patients with suicidal tendencies the conclusion is made that an important role in the decision to commit suicide (84%) is allocated to such forms of thinking as unisignificant subjective models, a nonrepresentation in their development, a full negation in thinking, a(More)
The authors describe psychic phenomena observed in healthy humans that may resemble psychopathological ones. Some styles of thinking may look like an inclination to empty philosophizing; some states observed in persons with creative mode of thinking may resemble autism; normal ambivalence is similar to ambivalence as a pathological symptom. The authors(More)
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